10 world changing Instagram accounts


First we had facebook, then twitter now we have instagram – and we already have snapchat, but that is the next list we are publishing. What they got being art, photography, inspirational quotes, all in images. That’s why we created this list of intragram owned only by world changing people or initiatives.

  1. Elon Musk

The super entrepreneur, self-taught programmer, founder of paypal, Tesla and SpaceX is on Instragram and is pretty interesting. He have been posting more frequently since last year and among his pictures there are videos of space rockets landings and launching, news about the Tesla models and the day-by-day of the billionaire entrepreneur. Worth following.

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  1. JR

The world changing Parisian artist won the 2011 TED Prize. He is an urban activist and has a hell of a story to tell. He made the biggest illegal art exposition in 2 countries: Israel and Palestine. His Instagram account shows Paris and art in a unique way. It is beautiful and world changing.

⚡️⚡️NEW @jr RELEASE !!!!!!!!! on www.social-animals.net (link in bio) ! "Migrants, Walking New York City". 88 x 72 cm / 34,6 x 28,3 in. approx. December 2015. Get a 10% discount on the print using the code WALKJRI (the next 48 hours only). In april 2015, the New York Times Magazine reached out to me to think about a project together. My work has been preoccupied with the theme of immigration. We looked for people who arrived in NYC less than a year ago and we chose 15 coming from all over the world. I photographed them walking in the city all of them completely unknown living in the shadows of the city and learning English slowly. In a few hours during the night with my team, I pasted Elmar, 20 years old who came from Azerbaijan, on the floor of Flat Iron Plaza in New York City. People walked on him all day and no one really noticed him. The april 23rd 2015, Elmar was on the cover of the New York Times magazine that comes out while everyone else was in the shadow. More on @socialanimals

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  1. Amypoehlersmartgirls

The feminist comedian who started in Saturday Night Live is totally dedicated to empowering women. Among quotes of great feminist women there are photos of smart girls (duh) conquering the world. Last week they were in D.C. to the women summit making interviews and encouraging us (us being everyone) to dream big.

  1. Humans of NY

So I hope this is not strange for you. But if you never heard of humans of ny you shouldn’t only follow the instagram, but also the facebook page. Humans of New York takes pictures of the average person, has a job, a family, and their own extraordinary story. They tell short stories and is touching, acknowledging the extraordinary in any average human being as yourself creates much more identification than the super amazing life of popstars, is a relieve among all the other accounts.

  1. NASA

NASA has a very unique instagram account. They post amazing pictures from their satellites and the whole universe. They also post lots of news there, I saw the first picture from Pluto there, this might not change the world, but it does changes our knowledge from the universe. It has been elected of one of the 100 best instagram accounts to follow by the Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy. You can check it. Is definitely there.

Planets! Our Kepler mission has verified 1,284 new planets – the single largest finding of planets to date that more than doubles the number of confirmed planets from Kepler. In the newly-validated batch of planets, nearly 550 could be rocky planets like Earth, based on their size. Nine of these orbit in their sun's habitable zone, which is the distance from a star where orbiting planets can have surface temperatures that allow liquid water to pool. With the addition of these nine, 21 exoplanets now are known to be members of this exclusive group. Kepler captures the discrete signals of distant planets – decreases in brightness that occur when planets pass in front of, or transit, their stars – much like the May 9 Mercury transit of our sun. Since the discovery of the first planets outside our solar system more than two decades ago, researchers have resorted to a laborious, one-by-one process of verifying suspected planets. This artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made to date by NASA's Kepler space telescope. Credits: NASA/W. Stenzel #nasa #space #science #astronomy #exoplanet #kepler #planet #planets

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  1. Fetching Tigers

This dutch 17 year old is rocking photoshop and criticizing capitalism at the same time. With surreal images of her self she makes a statement, a beautiful one, I must say. Remember the name Annegien Schilling. Definitely worth following!


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  1. Ibtihaj Muhammad

The American muslim is a fencing Olympic player for the USA and is making history by being the representative of the USA Team to play in the Olympics with a Hijab. At the same time she is doing history in sports she also has her own clothing brand, Louella, a store focused on fashion for muslim women.

  1. Richard Branson

Need some inspiration? Go to Richard Branson instagram, among his exotic lifestyle there are very inspirational quotes and the innovative way he conducts his business putting his staff first and the importance of working together and collaborating.

  1. GapYearScape

Amar is an entrepreneur that, by being and entrepreneur, can travel 24/7. He is the typical digital nomad and his instagram shows all of being a flexible worker. If you are looking for motivation this is the account you should follow!

"I would rather reach and fall than sit and dream."

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  1. Seats2meet

Oh really? You are really finishing like this? Calm down! Let me explain. We just reactivated our instagram account and we might not have tons of followers (yet), but we do have some fun pictures. Is that enough to follow us? No, it isn’t. The reason is we want to give the stage for you as well in out instagram account. That doesn’t mean that you can send us pictures and we will post it. That means that if you send me an e-mail on beatriz@seats2meet.com I will send you our login and account so you can take the stage yourself! How about that for a reason?

Being a coworker is having a new colleague everyday!

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