1 Million seats


We did it! The day just started (10:55) and we’ve allready reached a million booked seats.

Who is this booker? We will search in the system and pherhaps you are that person. Then you’ll get an email of us with an invitation to celebrate this joyful moment.

To be continued…
We are almost there! 43 seats to go and it is 10:15
Thank God it’s, Monday! A perfect day to start with your work…


It is now 09:50 on Monday morning the 30th of March and we just have 449 seats to go to reach one million!

Will you book the millionth seat? Go to www.seats2meet.com to book and celebrate with us!

It’s only been a few years since knowmads are able to book a seat at www.seats2meet.com and we are already counting down to the millionth seat!

It is now 17:00 o’clock on Friday march 27 and we only have 878 seats to go!

This blog will keep you up to date in the countdown to the millionth seat. Who will be the booker and where will this seat be booked? Expect some cool facts, interviews with the founders of Seats2meet.com Ronald van den Hoff and Mariëlle Sijgers, and of course an interview with the lucky booker!